Ceramics Symposium in Hyderabad, India


On 5 March, a ceramics symposium organized by ECTS (European Ceramic Technology Suppliers) will be held in Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh, India).

With a population of 7 million people, Hyderabad is the fourth largest city in India. It is also the second largest film production hub in the country, and in recent years it has developed a powerful pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry that has led to it be known as "Genome Valley". It is not the only alternative name for the city, since it is also called "Cyberabad" thanks to the presence of 1,300 technology companies that employ more than 400,000 people and that make it a global centre of IT technology.

For several years, ECTS has been spreading knowledge about brick and roof tile manufacturing technologies at ceramics symposiums like the one that will take place in Hyderabad. We hope that it will be a success.

See you in "Cyberabad"!