Linking the European Ceramic Technology Suppliers (ECTS)

Wienerberger AG

ECTS stands for European Ceramic Technology Suppliers. It is a working group of European suppliers of machinery, materials and engineering services for the production of ceramics, powder metallurgy and related technologies

Ceramics here, includes all kinds of raw materials as well as plant and machinery for the production of refractories, bricks, tiles, sanitary ceramics, tableware and advanced ceramics. All European companies that are commercially active in these fields of business can apply for a membership of the Working Group. ECTS networks and promotes its members and fosters co-operation on all levels. We link the European ceramics technology suppliers.

The ECTS working group

  • promotes the establishment of competitive production conditions for the industry in Europe
  • represents the interests of the sector vis à vis public authorities and institutions on the European and international level
  • informs politics and the public on issues relevant to the sector, particularly with respect to intended legislation
  • fosters and promotes the expansion of R&D activities
  • evaluates future markets and technologies
  • works out long-term strategies
  • establishes and keeps contact with customer organisations on an international level
  • advises and informs ECTS members on technical, economical and other issues related to the sector
  • provides platforms for ECTS members for exchanging views and experiences
  • contributes to strengthening personal contacts among members as a basis for further co-operation
  • supports members in obtaining and keeping a comprehensive and detailed overview of the engineering industries