ECTS-Film is featuring heavy-clay as a modern building material


The film titled „Ceramics – modern life, modern buildings”, presented for the first time by ECTS, the Working Group of European Ceramic Technology Suppliers, at the sector’s leading trade show Ceramitec, is now available on the Internet. Interested parties are invited to set a link to the film on their homepages.

Start film

On request, ECTS provides the film in different sizes and qualities to all who intend to promote brick as a modern building material worldwide, for example by putting the film on individual homepages or by showing it at events or exhibitions.

The film is available in English and Portuguese. Other language versions are planned like Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi and Chinese.

Ceramic building materials are modern and high-quality materials offering numerous advantages that are most sought after when planning and designing modern buildings today. "However, this is not widely known by the public and decision-makers all over the world", explained Luca Caramelli, Chairman of ECTS the group's motives to make the film. In many regions of the world, people lack information on how clay-bounded building materials can be produced and applied in a resource-efficient way. This is where the film comes in. Aspects covered include aesthetics, energy-saving, the impact on indoor air quality, the good thermal insulation value as well as fire resistance of a building material which is well-proven, familiar and modern at the same time.

The film emphasizes the advantages of modern heavy-clay products, presents construction projects worldwide and gives a short description of how bricks are made today. Architects, builder-owners, planners of building sites, investors and scientists have their say in this film.