Heavy clay industry suppliers: Stable 2018, uncertainty for 2019


On November 6 the regular ECTS autumn meeting 2018 took place. The member company Netzsch Gerätebau GmbH in Selb/Germany hosted the event.

The results of the ECTS survey show that most of the ECTS member companies are quite satisfied with the current situation and look optimistically on the next six months. A majority foresees a stable or growing number of employees in their companies. Anyway, in the discussion, as well as in the last two meetings, was stated from many sides that there are no strong markets or regions besides European home markets. The comments from different representatives confirm that business currently is doing quite well. For the next month product capacity will be fully utilized. However, the absence of significant new projects generates uncertainty for 2019 and beyond. Current business is mainly based on refurbishment and spare parts. Many ECTS members have started to look into other sectors in order to decrease dependence from the uncertain heavy clay market.

After a successful technology symposium in Mexico, ECTS decided in Selb to have symposia in autumn 2019 in Malaysia and Australia.