Technology Symposia in Peru and Colombia


A group of 15 ECTS members visited Peru and Colombia and held Technology Symposia in the cities of Lima and Bogota. After defining South America as one of the most promising regions for the heavy clay sector during the ECTS spring meeting in Turkey, the Association decided to travel to this region to know some of its markets more precisely.

Overall 150 brick makers from the two countries attended the two events. During the morning sessions, after a welcome address by ECTS chairman Miquel Moix, local authorities and representatives gave speeches about the current situation of the local construction and brick industry. After that, Mr. Jorge Velasco, an independent Spanish heavy clay expert, gave an extended presentation about the different ECTS technologies along the brick making process, followed by short presentations of each of the 15 ECTS member companies.

After a common lunch with the attending brick makers, the afternoon sessions consisted in B2B talks between local brick makers and representatives of the ECTS companies. Both Colombia and Peru turned out to have high market potential for the European visitors. Some of the companies even had been successfully active in the region before the symposia. Additionally, in each country the ECTS group visited different brick plants to get a closer glance on the existing technological level.